New Map after disintegration of Pakistan

New Map after disintegration of Pakistan
6 news states in South Asia

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I am writing to you as I believe that you can play a very significant role in reshaping of the geography of South Asia in order to combat international terrorism. The entire terrorism network has been managed by terrorist forces stationed in Pakistan under the safe umbrella of Government of Pakistan. These terrorist forces have taken the shelter of Islamic identity in order to implement their dangerous designs of dominating South Asia and make it an Islamic territory altogether thereby driving out Christians, Hindus and Sikhs living in India. The ultimate scheme was first made during the lifetime of late General Zia-ul-Haq who can be termed as the main actor towards this direction. The said General Zia-ul-Haq took advantage of the then Afghan-Russian war and made it possible to develop a terrorist network in the region by sponsoring extremist Islamic groups and providing them all necessary military training and ammunition. The atomic program of Pakistan was also part of this endeavor. However, General Zia-ul-Haq died in a military plane crash in 1988 and there was the beginning of a new democratic era in Pakistan. But this democracy was itself fake in the sense that same old faces appeared to rule the country for their own monetary benefits. Consequently, Pakistan became yet another victim of terrorist forces which acted from the strong base of Pakistan Army which has been the main principal of all terrorism in the South Asia. It was Pakistan Army which does not want any peace in the region so as to keep the region under stress in general and to keep India being their hostile neighbor under a constant military threat.

The coming back of Pakistan Army in power through General Pervez Musharraf from the back doors on October 12, 1999 was yet another attempt to continue with the same old plan of Islamic domination in South Asia as masterminded by late General Zia-ul-Haq. This conspiracy had enjoyed assistance of China as China needed a strong Pakistan to keep an eye on India so that India should not become any problem for China in her traditional desire to win the regional supremacy which may pave way for her becoming another super war.

Pakistan is the central headquarters of all terrorist activities under the authoritative command of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) an organ of Pakistan Army who have been sheltering Islamic terrorists organizations in the country through military as well as financial support. Their objective is simple that is to rule the region under an Islamic system of their own brand and elimination of non-Muslim communities and culture. They believe that unless they use power they cannot fulfil their ambitions and as such they have found terrorism as the most convenient method for accomplishment of their political agenda. In order to promote this terrorism through religious recognition and some historic significance with a view to make it attractive for the youngsters, they misinterpreted the concept of Jihad (holy war) and since the Muslim masses living in that region are totally illiterate and ignorant about their own religion, they were misguided by the help of hypocrite Islamic scholars who motivated and induced the foolish young Muslims to fight against non-Muslims. These fools did not even think that if it was the question of Muslim and Non-Muslim, then they should also fight China being totally out of the religious orbit. But, in that case, their brains do not work because it is but China itself which is assisting the Pakistan Army in such activities. Hence, the entire phenomenon is not to propagate the Muslim beliefs but to conquer the whole world through the assistance of China. Pakistan right now is the puppet of China and therefore it has become inevitable to address this issue on top priority.

Chinese experts in connivance with the Pakistan Army have worked very intelligently to use the religion of Islam as a tool very useful to be used for extracting cheap fighting force in the name of holy war. On the other hand, the whole Pakistan Army getting salaries in millions of dollars per annum is not coming forward for this s-called Jihad simply for the reason that they know that it has nothing to do with any Jihad but to implement certain long-term political plans. It is, therefore, very essential to focus from a different angle without wasting any further time on Osama Bin Laden who is nobody but a well-trained puppet of Pakistan Army being used extensively for the purpose of masterminding the terrorist schemes and implementing them through the technical co-operation of Pakistan.

Inter Services Intelligence Agency (ISI) is the real government in Pakistan. In the present situation it is the ISI, which is devising the self-made covert policies for the Government and also ensuring its implementation. It is part of the ISI’s well-established policy to organize violent pro-Taliban protest demonstrations against the United States in the provinces of Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP (North West Frontier Province) and keep the province of Punjab away from these demonstrations and strikes. After the terrorist attacks of 11th September 2001, the United States and the international community declared in clear words that we would now see that “who stands with us or against us”. The United States and international community assured the Pakistani rulers that if they extend co-operation to United States and international community in the war against terrorism, Pakistan would get the legitimate fruits of such co-operation. After these assurances of the International Community, the ISI conspired to activate the religious and so-called Jihadi groups on their payroll to use the provinces of Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP (North-West Frontier Province) provinces as their battleground against United States and International Community. This conspiracy to use the minority provinces was aimed to give the United States of America and the International Community a completely wrong impression that people living in these provinces are against USA while the real situation is totally different. Pakistan Army through its terrorism network called ISI has made an attempt to tarnish the image of small provinces of present Pakistan on one hand and on the other to deceive USA and the International Community. It is a bitter truth that the province of Punjab is the hub of all the fanatical and so-called Jihadi groups and the Headquarters of all the fanatical and extremists groups are situated in different cities of the province of Punjab like Lahore, Multan, Jhang, Faisalabad and Nankana. The ISI’s “game” to deceive the United States and international community would not last long and this act of deception would reach to its logical conclusion. When that happens the world would know who actually benefited by deceiving others and who lost, whereas who was deceived by whom and who was hoodwinked.

It is not understandable as to why the Americans are not addressing the real issue. The real issue is Pakistan itself. In Pakistan, there is no religious disintegration right now. Rather all the religious groups are having mental equation when it is about the religion. There is no conflict among them if it is about Islam. Although they advocate a different Islam which was never the one introduced by Muhammad Bin Abdullah in Mecca some 1500 years ago, yet they are together under the supervision of ISI. ISI has sponsored this new brand of Islam with ulterior motives and to implement its hidden agenda. This new brand of Islam does not enjoy any recognition from the Muslims who really believe in Muhammad. It is indeed unfortunate that Islam has always been victimized throughout by the people who terms themselves as Muslims. Muhammad's Islam was hijacked even in his own lifetime when there were people who disliked Muhammad's relatives and wives. Such miscreants even accused Muhammad's wife Ayesha of adultery. People like Amir Mawiya hated Ali, the nephew of Muhammad so much so that Ali wrote to him several letters condemning Amir Mawiya to be a hypocrite. The revenge came exactly 50 years later when son of Amir Mawiya called Yazeed killed Hussain brutally who was the grand son of Muhammad and son of Ali at the place called Karbala (Iraq). The shia sect of Islam condemn this brutal murder of Hussain and do not recognize Ami Mawiya as Muslim for this arbitrary act of his son Yazeed. Today, Iran is the shia state while a large number of Shias live in Iraq also. It was one of the evil designs of late General Zia-ul-Haq that he made Pakistan a difficult place for shias and the formation of certain militant religious organizations was yet part of this plan. Today we have yet another Yazeed bin Amir Mawiya called Osama Bin Laden and several followers who have changed the very fabric of Islam in the new century. These are religious demons representing the Satan and not Islam.

It is, therefore, necessary to disintegrate Pakistan if we want to collapse the terrorists' network altogether. Unless we destroy the root cause of the whole terrorism tree, we will not be able to eliminate terrorism from the region which has been transformed into a centralized processing unit working under an integrated system not conveniently accessible unless Pakistan is divided in at least four parts. It is essential to divide the northern part of Pakistan into two countries that is Punjabistan and Pakhtoonistan. The Punjabistan will be on the eastern side and the present province of Punjab can be converted into Punjabistan while the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) having its borders with Afghanistan should be made another country called Pakhtoonistan. The new Pakhtoonistan will be a country loyal to the international comity of nations and shall not harbor any terrorists within its geography. Punjabistan shall not have any access to terrorist camps now being run by Pakistan Army in Afghanistan and NWFP as Pakhtoonistan will be a hurdle between Afghanistan and Punjabistan. The Pakistan Army mainly belongs to Punjab and hence the creation of Punjabistan and Pakhtoonistan will break the integrated network between Afghanistan and ISI (Pakistan Army).

On the southern part of Pakistan, two new countries Sindhudesh and Jinnahpur can be made. The Sindhudesh will comprise of Sindhis living in the province of Sindh while Jinnahpur will be a country to house the urdu speaking immigrants from India who had migrated from India after partition of 1947. The population of urdu speaking community living in Karachi (the main commercial city of Pakistan) is around 15 Million. This new country called Jinnahpur can be a secular state of its own kind. The idea is that some 10 million Christians from India may also voluntarily migrate to Jinnahpur to form a pure secular state in South Asia so as to keep a political balance in the region. In Karachi alone (which will be transformed into a new country called Jinnahpur), we can have as many churches as we want along with awarding rights of preaching Christianity and Islam in parallel terms. There will be no extra-ordinary religious resistance in Karachi for the sole reason that the new countries Pakhtoonistan and Punjabistan will have no immediate links with Jinnahpur and as such the terrorist network would not be effective at all. The preaching groups like Tablighi Jamaat (Muslim Preaching Organization based in Raiwind near Lahore-Pakistan) will no more be as effective as now after losing their linkage with their country-wide network. This linkage can only be broken through disintegration of Pakistan. The religious schools called Madressas will no longer be connected with each other. The so-called religious scholars will be confined to their own areas of birth and permanent residence and shall not freely move to other cities in the region presently called Pakistan. Jinnahpur will be a purely secular state with a significant Christian population. We can have permanent airbases of USA and other military set-ups in Jinnahpur to keep a sound military control in the region to safeguard the entire humanity from the threats of terrorism.

The geography of South Asia has to be revised to combat the terrorism and to prevent further loss of lives in the name of Jihad. The region has become very dangerous to spark 3rd world war and if not checked at this hour of need, country like Pakistan, which has attained nuclear technology due to assistance of China, can become dangerous for the whole humanity. Today we have some loyal people in Pakistan Army who would prefer to favor anti-terrorism drive initiated by the Americans. But what about the religious groups within Pakistan Army which are equally responsible in promotion of terrorism in the name of Islamic domination and are still busy to destabilize the international efforts towards the direction of elimination of terrorism altogether. How can such religious groups destroy their own puppet government called Taliban whom they helped right from its inception and are still harboring their leaders and terrorists like Osama Bin Laden. They may come into power and remove General Pervez Musharaf from his present status. What the Americans will do when a more religious-minded foolish army man captures power in Pakistan? Will they think of bringing back of democracy in Pakistan? It will be too late at that time. It is therefore better to act now.

Pakistan should be divided into four parts as immediately as possible under the supervision of United Nations in the best interest of humanity. This would not be any sort of denying any sovereign country of its right to exist. Pakistan is comprised of five nations and there is no problem in giving these nations their new countries to enable them to have a more realistic identity of their own. This is necessary to eliminate the roots of terrorism completely. This geo-political surgery has become inevitable to save the humanity from the cruel hands of terrorists who will come again to strike and they have no other place to hide and conspire but Pakistan.

I request the entire humanity to join me in this campaign of disintegrating Pakistan in the best interest of the whole humanity. If we break Pakistan today, we are disintegrating the entire terrorist network headquartered in Pakistan. This terrorist network works through a very technical integration in terms of Islamic militant groups, Islamic preaching organizations and Islamic schools called Madressas. A divided Pakistan will destroy the spinal cord of the terrorism and there will be no training camps, no more Osamas and no more threat to humanity.

Say YES to this petition and support international fight against terrorism and against those who harbor terrorists and their supporters. Disintegration of Pakistan will pave way to divide the forces busy to make new designs to conquer the world through terrorism. A divided Pakistan will bring peace to the region and shall facilitate destruction of terrorist training camps and elimination of terrorism altogether.
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Syed Jamaluddin said...

Dear Mr. Patric Lamba

I appreciate your response. I would, however, like to draw your attention towards the fact that terrorism is not any reaction as you have mentioned. Terroirsm is itself a function like any other functions in this world. What we need to know is simply to judge who is involved in this sort of function and why. If you study human psychology, you will note that every person has an element of retaliation, violence, disturbance and annoyance. The successful person is that one who has ability to control these elements within his / her personality. The prophet Jesus was not a coward and similarly he did possess the power of retaliation, but, he decided not to use this power. Similarly, the Holy Prophet of Islam SA also had powers to conquer Mecca without applying any human force, but, he also used wisdom and power of faith and refrained from using physical force unless allowed by God in specific instances. This proves that those human beings who control their desires of violation, retaliatory attitudes and power of dominance, are the true human beings on this earth while those who do not do this are like animals with no intellectual background.

The story of Pakistan is not known to you in its fullest form, otherwise, you would never relate Pakistan to Islam or Islamic fundamentals. Which Pakistan are you talking about anyway? You better read what history says about the doings of Pakistan Army in the then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). They killed their own Muslim brothers for the sake of power and land. They raped their own Muslim women in order to persecute the entire Begali nation. These are historic facts which cannot be forgotten or ignored. Today, Pakistani TV channels have collected money from Arab investors and hence are displaying the atrocities of Israel in the Middle East but the same TV channels will never talk about 350,000 Urdu-speaking Pakistanis who are still stranded in Bangladesh ever since 1971. The reason is that such stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh are poorest people on earth and they cannot sponsor any media lobbying like Arabs. Do you remember SHAHNAZ BEGUM who had sung "Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan" and this song reached to every corner of the country. But, when it became the issue of power, the Pakistan Army crushed the Bengali Muslims like vegetables so that they should not demand their right to rule. Dont forget that Shahnaz Begum was a Bengali Muslim from East Pakistan. I really feel amused when I see the new generation singing patriotic songs on Pakistani TV channels. These youngsters dont know that their real identity in the files of ISI is in terms of their places of birth and not as a Pakistani.

I would like you to think as an impartial observer and not like any emotional thinker who is influenced by propaganda sponsored by ISI.

Syed Jamaluddin


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Patric Lamba wrote:

I am sending this e-mail to let you know that one of your senior team
members SYED JAMALUDDIN is engaged in anti Pakistan activities. He is
currently circulating a petition "Divide Pakisaan". Today some of the people
I know from Pakistan and Middle east have also receivd an e-mail regading
the approval of the title of a book named "Divide Pakisan to Eliminate

As the person is assiciated with your organization and he is blatently using
the name of the institution, I am sure you would agree that this reflects
negatively on the kind of institution you are running. If he has some
personal animosity against the country, would you still allow him to use the
name of your consultancy?

Although remote, but one cannot rule out the possibility that your firm has
got a mandate from the Author/publisher of the book to create a market for
it! If this is true then I am sorry to say that your firm and this Mr.
Jamaludin are using really unethical, immoral, and entirely disgracefull
method of crating a market for the book.

This kind of efforts are not going to bring peace in the world but would
further inflame the negative sentiments in the Islamic world for the so
called and self proclaimed developed and civilized western world.

If at all you want to do something to eliminate terrorism from this world,
try to gather support for promoting justic in the world. Terrorism is a
reaction and not a problem in itself. The opressed people may cross the
limits when they retaliate but who gave them the initiative to satart this
was in the first place?

I am coppying two mails sent by this person hereunder and I am also sending
a CC of this mesage to the originator of these absured mails.

Sometimes one need a little proding to stop immoral activities. May be this
pointer is sufficient for Mr. Jamaluddin and he disassociates himself from
the activity which will further fuel the negative sentiments agianst the
western world and America.

Syed Jamaluddin said...


I would like to draw the attention of ALL PAKISTANI TV CHANNELS to the sufferings of 350,000 stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh. On the 59th Independence Day of Pakistan, I watched almost all the programs including discussions on the subject of Pakistan's freedom and current scenario in the country. However, to my surprise, none of the participants or the anchors of these programmes ever brought the subject of stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh for the reasons best known to them. Possibly it was due to the ongoing monitoring of programmes by relevant intelligence agencies of Pakistan.

Is it not strange that all of a sudden certain private TV channels of Pakistan have begun to cover the turmoil in Middle East while live coverage is also made possible apart from interviews with top leaders of that region including political personalities from even Israel where no Pakistan embassy exists. Is it not surprising that Pakistan being a country having its own internal problems related to economic persecution, provincial discrimination, military dictatorship, human rights violation, judicial corruption, lack of education and educational institutions etc. is so innovative and modern enough to divert its attention towards geo-political conflicts in Middle East. This is an evidence to the fact that such sudden diversion towards Middle East politics is not without reasons. This is result of a sound financial sponsorship undertaken by top Arab investors who are interested to utilize Pakistani media talent to propagate their own agenda. On the other hand, selfish Pakistani businessmen have agreed to hire their own country's men and women from the world of journalism to dance to their music. This reminds me of Kerry Packer of Australia when he had hijacked our top cricket players in 1980s to boost his private business. On the same lines, some of the top Arab investors are now using Pakistani talent to spread their ideology and political agenda.

It is very shameful on the part of Pakistani journalists to forget their own brothers and sisters stranded in Bangladesh just because such stranded Pakistanis cannot afford to pay for the lobbying of their sufferings to Pakistani TV Channels.

I request all anchors, hosts and participants of programmes who appear on TV channels of Pakistan to pay some attention towards the stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh.

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Syed Jamaluddin said...


Dear Mr. Gul
This is really very interesting to hear your Utopian desires about Pakistan. I guess, you are suffering from LOSS OF MEMORY. You have forgotten that PAKISTAN ARMY carries blood of several thousand innocent Bengali Muslims on their hands. Why Mr. Hamid Gul is openly denying to confess the crimes committed by Pakistan Army in the then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). This is really a blatant lie that Pakistan would emerge as Muslim Leadership. Pakistan has no right or strength to represent Muslim world for the sole reason that Pak Army who have hijacked Pakistan are murderers of humanity. God will never allow killers and fanatics to become 'leaders of Islam'. General Hamid Gul should seek forgiveness from the Government and People of Bangladesh for the ill doings and crimes of his ancestors. The best place for such murderers is Hell.

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Syed Jamaluddin said...

Ladies and Gentlemen! Please see how circumstances change when it comes to political bribery and political horse-trading. Following is the letter of ALTAF HUSSAIN to General Pervez Musharraf written in 2000. Now in 2006, they are friends!!!!!!!!!!!!
Syed Jamaluddin
Altaf Hussain on ISI


2 January 2000

The Chief Executive
General Parvez Musharraf
Dear General Parvez Musharraf


Considering it a national duty, I am bringing certain facts into your notice regarding sensitive information pertaining to national security through my open letter and considering its sensitiveness; its thorough investigation is your national duty.

ISI would have presented innumerable concocted reports branding the MQM as anti-state and an agent of RAW.

In my statements, I have been repeatedly identifying as to who are the real enemy and have sensitive information, however, I had felt it prudent to remain silent. However, no one paid attention to my statements and now I have been compelled to unravel the facts.

Today, I will present some of the facts that will unravel those people who are the real enemy of the country and they belong to which sensitive agency of the country? You may investigate and find out the truth of the facts revealed by me.

Several officials of ISI, the sensitive agency of Pakistan have been involved in the activities against the national interest for a long time, with the exception of a few. These people in return received heavy amount of money from RAW and other foreign agencies, hence their agents, who have been inflicting heavy damage on the country.

Before presenting these facts, I would like to ask you three questions and seek answers to these questions from you and other patriotic Generals through television and newspapers for public awareness, as a national duty.

Question No 1: Who is responsible for blowing up the plane carrying twenty-two senior Generals and Officers of Pakistan Armed Forces, former ISI Chief General Akhtar Abdur Rehman and the Army Chief General Zia- ul- Haque? Who are the officials of the ISI conspiring the blowing up the C130? Why has the original Justice Shafi-ur-Rahman Commission Report not been made public in full?

Question No 2: Who are the patriotic officers who served on Operation Black Cobra, which are the ISI personnel responsible for the failure of this operation and who are responsible for removing the designers of the Operation Black Cobra from their posts and how they were removed?

Question No 3: Who is responsible for stamping out all the well-known and patriotic elements of Army from the ISI? What happened and who is responsible for the treatment meted out to the high-ranking and patriotic officials of the Operation Flying Coach and Operation Trojan Horse?

A report prepared through persistent efforts and relentless work of the MQM Intelligence Bureau unravels that in December 1987, a secret meeting held at the residence of the Chief of Pakistan Air Force in which beside the former Chief of ISI ____ and other officials of international agencies including RAW also attended this meeting. The details of this top-secret meeting are present in the records of the ISI. Justice Shafi-ur-Rehman, the head of the tribunal investigating the C-130 plane crash, is also aware of the details of this meeting. It is indeed sad that unfortunately the Justice Shafi-ur-Rehman Commission Report has met the same fate and buried as the Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report.

During this meeting RAW had provided a hit list and target to the ISI and other Army officials for the elimination of the then Army Chief and the President General Zia-ul-Huq, the then Director General of ISI General Akhtar Abdur Rehman and other senior Generals and high ranking officers. A large fund was also provided which is also recorded in the dossier of the ISI.

The abhorrent characters of the ISI and the Army present in that meeting playing the role of more loyal than the king himself eliminated the entire leadership of its own Army including twenty-two senior most leadership of the Army. I hold the ISI responsible for the blowing up of the C-130 aircraft according to the report of the MQM Intelligence Bureau.

I am prepared to provide you with the testimony, record, complete account and names of those involved in that conspiracy as a proof of the authentication of my report provided you yourself take a personal interest in this regard.

I appeal to you to reach to the bottom to establish the real facts of this conspiracy of murder case in which Generals many steps senior to you were eliminated. In army, senior Generals and commanders are considered as fathers. Therefore, my appeal to you is to prove yourself as a loyal son of the Army and uncover this conspiracy through newspapers and television in public interest. The people should also be told as to who the real enemy of the country is and who is the RAW agent, whether ISI or MQM?

If the ISI or the Army possess any proof of me being a RAW agent, it should not only be unravelled in the public interest through newspapers and television but should also be produced in the Supreme Court, the apex court of the country.

I demand of you, to have the blowing up of C-130 aircraft case thoroughly investigated in which twenty-two senior Generals and high ranking officers were killed to bring the conspirators to book with the similar endeavour and in the same spirit as the recent aircraft case in which the conspiracy was hatched to eliminate you. Please also keep a close watch on those ISI elements that may be influence the process of law in the on-going aircraft case.

I also request you to make the Justice Shafi-ur-Rehman Report public forthwith to make the Army and the people aware of the truth of the explosion of the C-130 aircraft and the abhorrent characters involved in it. So that the Army cadres and the people would also know how the number two leadership of the ISI eliminated its number one leadership including the senior most twenty-Generals of the Army.

I trust that you would kindly inform the public and me the answers to my three questions.

Altaf Hussain

duhastmesh said...

Mr Syed i really appreciate your efforts to think of such an innovative idea to bring world peace.But i dont think seperation is the solution to bring world peace.If Seperation was the ideal solution then after India-Pakistan Seperation there wouldnt have been any wars between the two countries.Divide and Rule Policy dosent works for a long time.If you and everyone realize the fact that it is because of certain people residing in Pakistan that we are facing so much of killing and hatred then why not punish the guilty.Why the common person has to everytime bear the consequences for the deed of certain people.Partion is the worst thing a country and its people can face.How do you expect for people who have been living for years in that place to leave overnight just because you think that it is teh last resort for world peace.Shouldnt you consider the common person's sentiments.I know what has been happening till now is wrong but why the whole nation has to suffer the cause for this?Is is the only way for Peace and to stop Terrorism?