New Map after disintegration of Pakistan

New Map after disintegration of Pakistan
6 news states in South Asia

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


AUGUST 14, 2006

Dear Senator

14th August 2006 marks 59th Independence Day of Pakistan. On this particular day, a country appeared on the globe of this world as a consequence of conspiracy organized and master-minded by a small group of opportunists and selfish politicians of the then United India. This conspiracy gave birth to a country which subsequently became a birth place of international terrorism. It is no more a hidden fact that the soil of Pakistan has been in use by various terrorist organizations since its unwanted inception. It is ofcourse neither a fact that Pakistan was unanimously demanded by the Muslims living in the United India nor it should be accepted that Pakistan was founded in the name of Islam as has been propagated by intelligence agencies of Pakistan since long. Pakistan was indeed not result of any prophecy of the Holy Prophet of Islam (SA), hence, the creation of Pakistan was on one hand a fraud with Muslims of United India and on the other, a successful attempt to make South Asia, a region of consistent tension and political turmoil.

Time has now come that the historic mistake committed by the politicians of United India in 1947, be corrected without any further delay in order to save the entire mankind from a disaster which could be unimaginable.

I sincerely request your honour to participate in a massive campaign to disintegrate Pakistan immediately under the supervision of United Nations to achieve the objective of cleansing the South Asian region from terrorist camps, brain-washing factories, suicide bombers and socalled Islamic militants grown and trained on the soil of Pakistan.

I humbly request you to consider the contents of my petition « DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM » very seriously and advise President Gerorge W. Bush and the Secretary General of UN Mr. Kofi Annan to do all acts necessary to disintegrate Pakistan in order to block and break the terrorist networks being nourished in that country.

Yours truly,

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