New Map after disintegration of Pakistan

New Map after disintegration of Pakistan
6 news states in South Asia

Thursday, October 03, 2013


Despite the fact that I had clearly cautioned Mohajir nation and MQM against the potential OPERATION CLEANUP-CUM-MINI GENOCIDE to be conducted by NAWAZ SHARIF (on whatever grounds), nothing concrete was done by MQM. The time is running out and Mohajir nation should now be prepared for more to come. How long Altaf Hussain should display caution and reluctance in announcing movement for an independent state for Urdu Speaking Nation??? Is Altaf Hussain waiting for another mini-genocide of Mohajir youth as was evidenced in 1992??? What Altaf Hussain is waiting for??? A lot has been written by me during the last 13 years and my book FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR also projected the real problem but are these demands of an independent state for Urdu Speaking Nation falling in deaf ears??? Why MQM is taking time to come forward and declare its movement for independence for Urdu Speaking Nation??? In my opinion and according to my speculations, Pakistan has now entered into the last phase of its existence. This country must now be disintegrated as faster as possible for many reasons as outlined by me in my two books viz DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM and FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR. I request and appeal to Altaf Hussain to declare MOVEMENT FOR INDEPENDENCE as immediately as possible.
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