New Map after disintegration of Pakistan

New Map after disintegration of Pakistan
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pakistan may be disintegrated in 2014

Syed Jamaluddin, writer of "DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM" has predicted that in view of the fact that USA intends to leave Afghanistan during 2013, this may further postpone division / disintegration of Pakistan and Pakistan may now face its disintegration in 2014 summer. According to Syed Jamaluddin, Pakistan Army is also aware of Pakistan´s disintegration and has finally agreed to give up Balochistan as the said province may cause more problems for other parts of Pakistan which may also start freedom movements similar to Balochistan Liberation Army. Pakistan´s notorious intelligence agency called INTER-SERVICES INTELLIGENCE (ISI) has started work on mechanism which will be followed in allowing independence to Balochistan under auspices of a UN-led delegation which will arrive in Pakistan in early 2014. This high-powered delegation will interact with all senior Baloch leaders and Pakistan´s main military leadership in line with the recent understanding entered into between ISI and American government. In exchange of Balochistan´s independence, Pakistan´s military establishment will receive American assurance that India would never attack Pakistan and Pakistan would never by pressurized to sign NPT or CTBT (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty). Under the said arrangement, Pakistan will be entitled to revenues earned from mines exploration which are currently in the Baloch areas for next 25 years.  

Syed Jamaluddin has also informed that Pakistan´s military establishment has also agreed with Americans that Pakistan´s ISI shall suspend its functions inside Indian Kashmir. During Musharraf´s tenure, such undertaking was also given by the then ISI to USA and due to this undertaking, Pakistan´s main media had also suspended any propaganda about Pakistan´s claim on Kashmir. Similarly, it was during Musharraf´s tenure that Pakistan´ foreign office had stopped special briefings on Kashmir which was a routine affair previously.

Syed Jamaluddin has expressed his deep concern on Altaf Hussain´s silence on the issue of an independent state for urdu speaking nation although it is very important that urdu speaking nation must survive after making of an independent Balochistan. It is essential that urdu speaking nation must also demand independence and separation from Pakistan otherwise they will continue to live under military siege forever and rights of urdu speaking nation will be violated openly by Punjabi military establishment as well as local Sindhi nationalists.

Syed Jamaluddin has hoped that urdu speaking youth will soon get up and raise the solgan of an independent state called REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR.