New Map after disintegration of Pakistan

New Map after disintegration of Pakistan
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Monday, May 13, 2013


Syed Jamaluddin has welcomed public address of Altaf Hussain (Sunday 12th May 2013) in which Altaf Hussain had condemned the role of Pakistan's military establishment and certain media houses apart from certain political parties which do not like popularity of MQM in the urban areas of Sindh. Syed Jamaluddin stated that he (Syed Jamaluddin) has been advocating disintegration of Pakistan since 2001 and has been requesting Altaf Hussain ever since not to trust the military establishment as well as leaders of those political parties which were born under the umbrella of such military establishment belonging to Punjab including Sindhi political leadership and Pakhtoon settlers in Karachi. Syed Jamaluddin said that time has come for the liberation of Urdu speaking nation and making of an independent state called REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR. It is now time for MQM to realize the need for such an independent state for Urdu speaking nation and there should not be any further delay in this endeavour to be implemented with all zeal and enthusiasm. Syed Jamaluddin hoped that millions of Urdu speaking people will certainly stand on any call from Altaf Hussain for a separate state. There is no alternative but to ensure the freedom of Urdu speaking nation from the prison called Pakistan which is governed by Punjab's military dictatorship behind the curtain through Punjabi and Sindhi political bandits. Syed Jamaluddin urged Altaf Hussain to declare FREEDOM STRUGGLE with immediate effect and issue orders to all Urdu speaking youth to be prepared for a CIVIL WAR in urban centres of Sindh province in order to gain victory over the Punjabi-sponsored Sindhi nationalist political parties as well as certain local elements which are being nourished by INTER-SERVICES INTELLIGENCE (ISI) through a new puppet political party called PAKISTAN JUSTICE PARTY (PTI) under the socalled leadership of a PLAYBOY called IMRAN KHAN. Syed Jamaluddin recalled that Altaf Hussain had made a biggest mistake by attempting to enter into broader political spectrum of Pakistan without realizing that none of the other provinces would recognize or accept URDU SPEAKING NATION as patriotic Pakistanis. The evidence of such an attitude is visible from the mindset of such political forces belonging to Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and Balochistan. Syed Jamaluddin requested Altaf Hussain NOT TO WASTE A SINGLE MINUTE in deciding for an independent country for Urdu speaking nation and urged that all Urdu speaking youth must come out of their homes and demonstrate their willingness for an independent state called REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR. The flags of REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR must be spread all over Karachi and other cities of Sindh province. Syed Jamaluddin hoped that Punjab´s military establishment would not confront the ever-rising energy of Urdu speaking nation and would never think or attempt to resist the FREEDOME MOVEMENT of Urdu speaking nation. Syed Jamaluddin cautioned Punjab´s military establishment that in the event of any potential OPERATION CLEAN-UP type of terrorism as committed by Pak Army back in 1992, Urdu speaking nation would abandon Punjab Army and cut them into pieces. Syed Jamaluddin asked the current CHIEF OF ARMY STAFF General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani to withdraw all military and para-military forces including Rangers from Karachi and Hyderabad as soon as possible thereby paving way for the Urdu speaking nation to declare their independence. Syed Jamaluddin hoped that NATO FORCES would come to secure people of Karachi and other urban centres of Sindh in the event of any potential terrorism by Pakistani Army. Syed Jamaluddin has also requested INTERNATIONAL COMITY OF NATIONS and member countries of NATO to immediately intervene and ensure that any attempt to commit genocide of Urdu speaking nation under the dictatorship of Punjab´s military establishment is foiled. The UN Secretary General must send a FACT FINDING DELEGATION to Karachi in order to determine the need for a PLEBISCITE in the urban centres of Sindh province to find out if Urdu speaking nation wants to live under the umbrella of a terrorist / failed state called Pakistan or wants INDEPENDENCE.

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