New Map after disintegration of Pakistan

New Map after disintegration of Pakistan
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Thursday, January 27, 2011


The question as to why MQM backed out from its founding campaign of making of REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR has been discussed by Syed Jamaluddin in the following article. Syed Jamaluddin has written two books viz "DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM" and "FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR".

Formation of Jinnahpur has following disadvantages on the part of MQM (under the leadership of Altaf Hussain):

1. MQM will have to giveup its street power

If Jinnahpur is formed, the country will have its own laws and regulations to protect its citizens from any street crimes and crimes like extortion, kidnappings, blackmailing, killing, physical assault, torture and similar. Moreover, international human rights organizations will open their offices in Jinnahpur and continue to keep an eye on the human rights situation in the new country which will prevent MQM from a independent sabotage of human rights within the streets of Karachi which they can do now with freedom.

2. MQM will have to sacrifice its vote bank

If Jinnahpur is formed, indeed more political forces within Urdu speaking nation will emerge with different slogans such as social development, justice, economic empowerment, human resource development and alike. Even certain religious segments within the Urdu speaking nation will also have equal opportunity to come forward to join the political scenario in the new country. In such a situation, MQM (Altaf faction) will definitely have to sacrifice its vote bank unlike current situation in Karachi where MQM is taking undue advantage of being a sole representative political force of Urdu speaking nation. If Jinnahpur is formed, the present MQM (Altaf faction) will be isolated within the walls of infamous "NINE-ZERO" and possibly Altaf Hussain may not have the same Charismatic character which is currently portrayed through his kitchen cabinet within MQM. There will be a great possibility that MQM will become a petty MQM (ALTAF GROUP) which Mr. Altaf Hussain does not want at all. If this happens, this would be a great disaster for Mr. Altaf Hussain.

3. MQM´s ability to blackmail will disappear

If Pakistan remains united and Sindh province eventually remains in existence, this has great advantages for MQM because MQM will always be in a position to blackmail any political party which may come into power either at federal level or provincial level. This means that in current situation, MQM is in a WIN-WIN SITUATION by virtue of which MQM enjoys its comfortable position to blackmail any such political party which may win national or provincial elections. If Jinnahpur is formed, MQM will indeed lose this opportunity of political blackmailing and will never be in the driving seat as it is now. Mr. Altaf Hussain being a self-loving person will never tolerate such a situation and therefore his choice of backing out from the founding campaign of Jinnahpur (disintegration of Pakistan) seems very much visible to those eyes who understand the dynamics of Pakistan´s politics.

4. MQM will face financial setback

If Jinnahpur is formed, the new country will have its own financial planning division and respective ministries related to finance and commerce including ports and shipping apart from tourism and defence. In such a situation, MQM (ALTAF GROUP) will never be able to commit financial embezzlement of public funds. On the contrary, more transparency will evolve in the new country which will hamper MQM´s current monopoly of hijacking Karachi Stock Exchange. Right now, Karachi Stock Exchange members have to pay (directly or indirectly) ransom to MQM to protect lives of themselves and their loved ones. If these Karachi Stock Exchange members stop paying ransom to MQM, you will hear news about "target killing" of Karachi Stock Exchange members and members of their families. Hence, if Jinnahpur is formed, Karachi Stock Exchange will become JINNAHPUR STOCK EXCHANGE. In such a situation, MQM will not be in a comfortable position to promote their current "RESOURCE MOBILIZATION" campaign which is being carried out consistently under the nose of present PPP Sindh government. Interior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza did attempt to highlight this matter recently but was silenced by the honorable President Asif Zardari for obvious reason i.e. to save PPP government from falling. So, if Jinnahpur is formed, MQM will face huge financial crisis and Mr. Altaf Hussain will not be able to pay even his phone bills in London which are currently paid from the ransom money being collected by his "workers" in Karachi.

5. MQM will have to face international attention

If Jinnahpur is formed, MQM will be exposed to international media and particularly UNITED NATIONS. Today, militant groups like HAMAS, AL-FATAH, HEZBOLLAH, ALQAEDA, TALIBAN are known to the entire international media and the United Nations. If Jinnahpur is formed, MQM´s militant image will be exposed to the whole world. Right now, MQM is disowning its possession of illegal arms (in millions) by hiding itself behind the DEWEAPONIZATION BILL tabled in Pakistan´s National Assembly. If Jinnahpur is formed, MQM will face attention of all international watchdog agencies which normally keep an eye on all illegal militancy in different parts of the world. MQM is not fully prepared to face such a situation and will have to surrender its arsenal of arms which will pave way to weaken MQM (Altaf Group) to a greater extent which has gained enormous power in recent years. Mr. Altaf Hussain would never wish to become a common citizen dependent on local police. Therefore, Altaf Hussain decided to back out from the founding campaign of making of Jinnahpur.


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Vicki's said...

bullshit man! Although i don't agree with you on this that MQM even demanded jinnah pur, but let say they did.. then the reasons you put up here are totally absurd!
You said things like they have to sacrify their vote bank or street power, ha! Say they managed to disntegrate pakistan and created jinnahpur then they would be one making the rules and similar for this new state then how come they loss their power or vote bank or financial backing?!!

Are you really a mature person? I don't think so...
Bad work, shut it down right now.. though I am in favor or disintegration of Pakistan