New Map after disintegration of Pakistan

New Map after disintegration of Pakistan
6 news states in South Asia

Friday, October 16, 2009


Syed Jamaluddin has appreciated the contents of KERRY-LUGAR BILL which has also been signed by President Obama thus making it a law. The said Bill shall pave way for disintegration of Pakistan in an engineered manner. After thoroughly understanding the political system in Pakistan, American think tanks along with other experts on South Asian geo-political situation have finally reached to the conclusion that unless Pakistan is disciplined by external forces such as USA, there is indeed possibility of expansion of terrorim around the world from Pakistan´s soil. Syed Jamaluddin, author of "DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM" being the advocate of Pakistan´s disintegration since 2001 has expressed satisfaction that the KERRY-LUGAR BILL is the first serious step towards cornering Pakistan´s military establishment and as such paving way for restructuring geography of South Asia in accordance with strategy to be implemented by the USA in combatting terrorism emanating from that region. In the light of the KERRY-LUGAR BILL, Pakistan´s military will not be able to rule the country through back-door military coup. Absence of such military coup shall allow the civil society of Pakistan to decide fate of Pakistan in the longer run exactly like YUGOSLAVIA where UN played the role of an external force to keep military out of power thereby allowing provinces to seek independence. Pakistan is now on its way to follow YUGOSLAVIAN model.

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