New Map after disintegration of Pakistan

New Map after disintegration of Pakistan
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Divide Pakistan Video Clip


Mohammed Shahnawaz said...

It seems your talk and your title of book doesn’t go with each other.
I have seen your presentation, I cant figure out what problem do you want to open for discussion.
You talk about Pakistan, Bangladesh, Islam, Tabaligi jamat, Saudi Arabia, ISI, Punjab Province, general pervez Musharaf..... doesn’t seem to correlate with each other and far way off from the title of your book.

On your comments about Tabaligi jamat you foolishly alleged that Saudi Arabia has very close ties with Tabaligi jamat and is a tool to propagate Saudi's perspective of Islam, but just to let you know that Tabaligi jamat work is not allowed within Saudi Arabia.
Secondly you speak about Tabaligi jamat with terrorism and plans of Tabaligi jamat and so on. Please could you provide any evidence?

I don’t think you have spent enough time with Tabaligi jamat and observe what they do.

I think you don’t have enough data nor your interpretation to the history of Islam is correct.

It seems you have read various articles from different books and newspapers and added some thoughts from your side and came up with this book.

I like your assurance to US that Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Syria are no treat.

Anyways..It made me laugh

Unknown said...

We would like to interview on the Mutiny ( Please e-mail me on when you get the time.

Nomee said...

Surah 3 of Quran [ Al-Imran] Ayah 103 states
"All together hold fast the rope of Allah (Faith of Islam) and be not divided among yourselves. Remember Allah's favors
upon you when you were enemies; He united your hearts, so by His favor you became brethren; you were at the brink
of the fiery pit and He saved you from it. Thus Allah makes His revelations clear to you, so that you may be rightly
guided. "

Division makes more enemies and unity creates more friends.

Hope some one can translate it better in English.

rituraj said...

great going sir your point of view is cool and i think it is the only solution for terrorism

Vineet Kumar said...

Why do u want to divide the Pakistan as u are also a Pakistani, how could u do this, just for selling the book on internet, I mean how can anybody abuse his own country. And if ur country is facing terrorism then why dont u come fwd and help ur brothers ans sister. I m an Indian and abuses Pakistan many times but i never expect this behavior from a educated Pakistani like u

Mohit Kumar said...

nice work man keep it up...
its really worth spending a moment here ..

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Unknown said...

Nomee raised a great point, however the Quran 2:251 says "And did not Allah check one set of people by means of another, the earth would indeed be full of mischief." There is no better and more practical solution to the Pakistan problem than the return of Indian irredenta to India and the return of Afghan irredenta to Afghanistan. That is the return of (West) Punjab, Sindh, Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Northern Areas to India. And the return of Tribal areas and Pakistan occupied Balochistan and Pakhtunistan to Afghanistan...

Unknown said...

...This will finally end the water crisis for Punjabis and Sindhis, and end the British/Pakistan annexation of the historical vital access of Afghanistan to the Arabian sea, without which it has been in constant conflict with the British and now the Pakistanis whom refuse to return the Afghan territory. Only through the NATO war in Afghanistan and the rising escalation in Kashmir, can India and Afghanistan dismantle the terrorist state of Pakistan and bring to justice the I.S.I. agents responsible for spreading terrorism in India and Afghanistan ever since the creation of this terrorist state cut out of the sovereign hisotorical lands of the Indian and Afghan civilizations.

kuldeep singh chauhan said...

then why followers of ISLAM the great religion did this unislamic activity of partitioning the nation of INDIA which is the most beautiful and culturally rich country in world the pain is still there.....
gr8 point and final,very logical solution to all problems of this part of the world.

kuldeep singh chauhan said...

tabhligi jamaat gets funds and succor from saudi but is not allowed their because saudis know that ultimately if allowed inside the monster would eat the parent,so operations limited to poor countries. saudi royals know how to achieve their ends and save their skin too.