New Map after disintegration of Pakistan

New Map after disintegration of Pakistan
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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Interview of Syed Jamaluddin

Video sent by dividepakistan
I have interviewed Syed Jamaluddin who is writer of an upcoming book titled "DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM" who lives in Aubervilliers (place near Paris). His book is under publication in USA. Syed Jamaluddin was forced to leave Pakistan after military coup of General Pervez Musharraf in 1999. Syed Jamaluddin has been an active writer on issues concerning Pakistan's involvement in terrorist activities in the region. He has revealed in his upcoming book that Pakistan's ISI has several hidden plans to implement in the coming years. He has suggested that in order to combat the growing terrorist threats emanating from Pakistan, Pakistan should be disintegrated in 5 parts. His proposed geography for South Asia has been mentioned in his upcoming book "Divide Pakistan To Eliminate Terrorism" which advocates 5 new countries.

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Nomee said...

Somthing that is hidden is said to be hidden till it gets known to others.

Niraj Shrivastava said...

a laudable idea. but i wonder if any retribution except hot persuit will work on a failed stat like pakistan.


Pakistan is the first step envisaged by Dr Allama Iqbal for the reconstruction of religious thought in Islam and is a progressively modern state. Unfortunately it was hijacked more often by foreign lobbies so as to detract the people from this progress and secret services created the phenomena of Mullahs of which most Pakistanis are allergic. Syed Jamaluddin's tirade against Pakistan is meaningless and often such media hypes are created by people for traditional features like wine, women and power, as well as ofcourse bread and butter. It ofcourse also gave him asylum and a new home. And then our erstwhile minority the Ahmadiyah of which most Pakistanis have no complaints are bent upon maligning the country for creation of an AHMADIYAH STATE after the disolution of Pakistan. This ofcourse will never happen. But people like Syed Jamaluddin in the tradition of Abu Jahl who refused to believe in the prophet till the last continued his vengeance against the State. We plan to embark upon a WHOLEPAKISTAN scheme to win back our Bengalli brethern separated by secret services. Pakistan is our home and we can die for it but we also want the world to know that we are a FRIENDLY NATION with love for all. The thousands of foreigners who visit Pakistan are surprised with the knowledge that ground realities are totally different from those projected by such silly notions as DividePakistan conspiracies. Pakistan zindabad! Pakistan forever!

Unknown said...

Pakistan is an unnatural state created by under the guidace of a hoodlum called Jinnah. All Pakistanis are of Hindu descent. They converted to Islam under at the point of sword by the Arab Invaders. Pakistanis recognize your glorious heritage like most of the Iranians ( yes the Iranians recogzie their Zoroastrian heritage) and reembrace Hinduism. Hinduism unites and Islam divides.

A Pakistani said...

Disclaimer I’ve not read the Book, written by the author but my comments are based on the extended outline given here and my own understanding of the issue.
I want to narrate a joke first, "In a global seminar a debate started on identifying the strongest nation of 21st Century. Various people pleaded for different countries, however, the biggest surprise came when a man declared Pakistan as the strongest country in the World. Everyone questioned him that given the state of affairs in the country, how can it be proved? The man replied, ‘I say this because there is no country on the planet that has its own people hell bent to destroy it but it is still surviving since 60 years’”.
I tend to agree with Mr, Jamaluddin that East Pakistan was divided. But Interestingly, Bangladesh’s separation was inevitable and predestined because word Pakistan means (P for Punjab, A for Afghania or Pushtoon, K for Kashmir, S for Sindh and Tan of Balochistan) there is nothing for Bengal in it, because it was not the Plan to keep this part as Pakistan. The original resolution of 23rd Mar 1940 called for Independent Muslim State(s) and not a State. However, as a political exigency it was decided to change the demand to a State to avoid exploitation of word States by the All India Congress. So, I believe that the separation of erstwhile East Pakistan was a right thing (though it happened painfully) but it hasn’t defeated the Two Nation Theory as Pakistan and Bangladesh are two brotherly Muslim States carved out of Hindu India and thriving on its flanks in the sub-continent with pride.
I consider Mr Jamaluddin as one of those Pakistanis who want to obliterate their own country, like few insects who eat their own kin and like those Pakistanis who have fragile conviction in their own existence as Pakistanis.
Again, to me, the premise of the thesis that history repeats itself is in itself an erroneous conjecture. From the recorded history of mankind one finds no single incident where it can be said that history ever repeated itself.
Pakistan was created on eve of “Laila tul Qadar”, the holiest night during holy month of Ramazan. And my faith, shared by millions of Pakistanis is that Pakistan came in to being to live for a great and noble purpose! I believe that these small irritants in Pakistan are the teething problems, as sixty years are nothing when compared with America’s 400 years or many European nation’s hundreds of years of existence.
Lastly, my advice to all those who happened to read this would be, be patient and have faith in you own self as Pakistanis. This country will come out stunningly and successfully from all the challenges that it is faced with today. Then, likes of Mr Jamaluddin or many of us will not be there but people will remember us as what we did for our country, whether we left it in lurch when it needed us, as Mr Jamaluddin has done, or as like millions of us who lived and worked for our dear country.

Unknown said...

Divide Syed Jamaluddin to eliminate separatism!!!

mythra81 said...

dividing up countries is no solution. I dont see how Islam is any better under Pakistan than if it was part of a larger secular Indian State. The damage was done in 1947 with the partition which was an absolute mistake because it precipitated the violence.If Pakistan is broken up again then Punjabis, Sindhis, Mohajirs, Pashtuns, Balochis would massacre each other again. Pakistan is better off becoming part of a secular India and Islamic radicalism should be eliminated in this scenario. Rapid economic development will end most of the problems it faces...I think Bangladesh should become part of India because in a century half of it will be under water and it just cannot survive on its own. Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan should also become part of India. Sri Lanka's problems would also end if it joins India. Such a large unification is neccesary to create a global superpower and i see such a parallel with the US (which was cobbled together over 2 centuries).

Anwar Ahmed said...

Mr. Syed Jamaluddin.

Keep dreaming, we know how to defend our country Pakistan.

Ask help for all you western friends as well as Indians and try to cross our border.

Message for Western Peoples

Do not believe in his book, situation is entirely different, I am an Urdu speaking Pakistani and we will scarifies our life to save this country and do not believe that all Urdu speaking support him or his Boss.

Anwar Ahmed

Unknown said...

@ A Pakistani
I solute you man the way you put light on this issue n your beliefs I am confident patriot like you will never let that happen what stupid Jamaludin has in his fucking mind.
We are Muslim n v proud to be a Muslim n being Pakistani as well.Time will come and Pakistan become hallmark for world in every field.
Long Live Pakistan


Unknown said...

he is an indian agent.....nothing..more.........every pakistani will spit happily at his dead body when he wil die...........bastard