New Map after disintegration of Pakistan

New Map after disintegration of Pakistan
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Dear Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza

Will you also talk like this to the HOLY PROPHET SAW on the day of Judgment? Because our HOLY PROPHET SAW had also migrated from Makkah to Madina in a very critical situation with no belongings with him. If you were an ANSARI at that time, what would have been your reaction to this migration of HOLY PROPHET SAW? Should I presume that your reaction would have been the same as you did few days ago at the house of Mr. Shahi Syed? This means you are not actually abusing or insulting urdu speaking nation but you are basically abusing HOLY PROPHET SAW who had set the example as FIRST REFUGEE to give respect to all those millions of refugees who would migrate on this planet till the doomsday (Day of Judgment). Our HOLY PROPHET SAW was given this status of a REFUGEE / MIGRANT by Allah in order to show the entire humanity that REFUGEES / MIGRANTS are also human beings and MUST BE RESPECTED. This is what the ANSARIs in Madina did and then ALLAH sent his verses in Quran in praise of such ANSARIs.

Not only this. Our HOLY PROPHET SAW had sent the very first batch of newly converted Muslims to Abe-Sina (now called Ethiopia) where the King was of Christian faith. This batch comprised of very few Sahabas who were sent to Abe-Sina by HOLY PROPHET SAW in order to save them from persecution by the Meccan dictators who wanted these Muslims (Sahabas) to reverse their faith and leave their beliefs. History has shown us that the Christian King had granted them REFUGE after hearing the holy Quranic verses about Hazrat Esa AS and Bibi Mariam and allowed them to remain as Muslims and follow Islam. The Meccan dictators who had come to fetch these Muslims were refused their custody and hence the GREAT DECISION by the HOLY PROPHET SAW can be considered as the GUIDING PRINCIPLE of today´s UN HIGH COMMISSION FOR REFUGEES (UNHCR). Our HOLY PROPHET SAW was the fist HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST on the soil of Makkah. According to historians, Islam in Africa was preached and spread by this very first batch of Muslims sent by our HOLY PROPHET SAW as refugees.

Last but not the least, IMAM HUSSAIN AS had also migrated from Madina to Karbala with his family and companions. Our Imam had also decided to follow the footstep of His GRAND FATHER to set yet another example for the humanity. The people of Kufa betrayed him. Now, you have to decide if you want to be PART OF ANSARIs or PEOPLE OF KUFA ON THE DAY OF JUDGMENT.

The agony is that most of the Western World has achieved their status by following the footsteps of our HOLY PROPHET SAW in terms of HIS justice system, human rights system, refugees system, social system, governance, freedom of speech etc etc but we are still engaged in RIDICULING, ABUSING, UNDERMINING eachother. Pity!!!

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