New Map after disintegration of Pakistan

New Map after disintegration of Pakistan
6 news states in South Asia

Monday, September 29, 2014


Monday, May 26, 2014


There has been a lot of criticism to my proposition since 2001 when I had first talked about disintegration of Pakistan and making of 6 new states in South Asia in my books “DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM” and “FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR”. The most important states to come into existence before 2015 shall be an independent Balochistan and an independent Republic of Jinnahpur and this fact is well-known to Pakistan's notorious intelligence agency called INTER-SERVICES INTELLIGENCE (ISI). Apart from the fact that these two nations (Balochis and Urdu Speaking Nation) have been persecuted most by Punjabi military establishment since inception of Pakistan, there are certain other reasons which seem to be more important to establish the authenticity of my proposition that both Balochistan and Jinnahpur must come into existence before 2015. These reasons are more delicately related to energy war or say fight for the survival of certain big nations like USA, China and India which are indeed looking for regular energy sources to ensure that they remain as economic giants on the planet. Energy demand will increase 58% over the next 25 years which means that the whole world will be looking for more energy. Countries like China have already made their long term strategies in the coal sector while countries like USA and India have some common interests in Balochistan. China has no problem with the independence of Jinnahpur as they have their coal supplies for next 200 years from SINDHUDESH which will consequently come into existence after the disintegration of Pakistan and making of REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR. For those who understand dynamics of Pakistani politics, it is is very convenient to comprehend as to why Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif (representatives of Punjabi nation) are more inclined towards GWADER PORT rather than Karachi port? The obvious reason is that Republic of Jinnahpur in reality will not have much diplomatic affiliation with Punjabistan (which may continue to be called as Pakistan) as compared to India for many reasons. On the contrary, independent Balochistan may have better diplomatic connection/link with Punjabistan (Pakistan) because of American involvement in the region. For years, the U.S. has had a steady stream of Uranium-235 coming in, but that ran out in 2013. Following the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the Lisbon Protocol in 1992, the U.S. and Russia arrived at the U.S.-Russian Highly Enriched Uranium Agreement, or what came to be known as the “Megatons to Megawatts Program.” For years, the U.S. has had a steady stream of Uranium-235 coming in, but that ran out in 2013. Under the terms of the 1993 agreement, Russia would dismantle Soviet nuclear warheads and convert 500 tonnes of highly-enriched uranium to low-enriched uranium, which would be sold to the U.S. for use in nuclear reactors. At the end of 2013, ten years after the start of the program, all 500 tonnes had been converted. As a result, the U.S.’s steady supply of uranium came to a halt. The only source remaining is TALIBAN who still controls around 200 to 300 tonnes of Uranium-235 which was left behind by the Russians. Even Pakistan also needs this Uranium for its potential needs in order to keep its nuclear reactor functional for 10-15 years to come but unfortunately Pakistan's life is under threat due to international energy needs primarily because of continuous nuisance of TALIBAN factions which are consistently blackmailing Pakistani political as well as military establishment since last many years. Although Imran Khan was picked up by Pakistani military establishment in collaboration with certain TALIBAN factions to play key role in becoming a bridge between Pakistani Punjab and Afghan Taliban, still there are many hurdles in this direction as TALIBAN want more power and control in the region while Pakistani military establishment does not want to concede even one inch of Pak territory to TALIBAN before 2015. TALIBAN wants to grab as much land as possible before the anticipated disintegration of Pakistan takes place in 2015 when Balochistan and Jinnahpur will appear as independent countries on the world's map thereby making room for independent Pakhtoonistan and Sindhudesh. The next alternate choice to replace Uranium is THORIUM. Thorium is a radioactive chemical element that can be found in soil and rocks. In its purest form, it appears as a silver metal but when heated in the air, it becomes like a white light, like lightning. Thorium is currently used in things such as light bulbs and camera lenses. It can create a high-quality refractive glass, and its high melting point can allow ceramics to resist high temperatures. But light bulbs and ceramics aren’t what have the energy industry watching closely. Balochistan is going to be the great source for THORIUM because Thorium’s ultra-high melting point can be useful in more than just ordinary ceramics or light bulbs. Heat resistance is something scientists and energy specialists alike have been trying desperately to achieve with nuclear energy. One of the biggest issues with nuclear plants is the meltdowns that can occur if the uranium is not cooled properly. We saw that tragically exhibited in Japan in 2011, when an earthquake and tsunami caused a series of meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. The fact that the only other disaster of that strength was the 1986 Chernobyl disaster has done little to ease the minds of world governments and energy companies. This simply highlighted the tragedy that can come along with it. Which is why Thorium’s properties have become so coveted. If the material were virtually meltdown-proof, the clean energy possibilities would be endless. For Thorium, it might not be as bad as it seems. After all, Uranium-235 isn’t the only fissile material that could be combined with thorium for a nuclear reaction. Uranium-233, an isotope of Thorium, can react with Thorium for a nuclear reaction. And this is the focus of the LFTRs, as it could lead to self-sufficiency of these reactors with the recycled waste. It’s not easy. Thermal breeding, as the process is called, requires the reactor to produce more fissile material than it consumes, and it requires a highly specialized type of reactor. Regular nuclear reactors are unable to breed to the point where it is unnecessary to add more of the fissile material. But many LFTRs are being designed as breeding reactors. While regularly adding Thorium to these reactors would be necessary, adding Uranium-233 would not. Enough fissile material would be created in the reactions to sustain it on its own. For this reason, Americans do want to “occupy” Balochistan in a way that this region becomes independent so as to enable the Americans to work freely for years to come through exploration of Thorium in Balochistan. An American company Lightbridge is working on Thorium-based seed & blanket fuel assembly for new and existing reactors. This technology, which Lightbridge has developed to be compatible with light water reactors, uses “thorium-uranium oxide pelletized fuel rods similar to that of conventional fuel rods presently used in commercial light water reactors.” Recently, Iran also tried the same process but had to dismantle this plant because of international pressures. The difference, the company explains, is that the thorium-uranium oxide will replace the more conventional uranium oxide. The company is one of the few publicly traded nuclear fuel technologies companies working with thorium technology. In the beginning of 2014, the company received a patent (#8,654,917) for its multi-lobed metallic fuel rod design and fuel assemblies. Intellectual property like this adds tangible value to companies dealing with future technologies. Several uranium miners, like Cameco Corp. (NYSE: CCJ) and Unity Energy Corp. (TSX-V: UTY), are mining uranium in areas that also have concentrations of thorium. Though neither company has reported on significant mining of thorium, both are well-positioned to profit should the demand for the metal sky rocket. Thorium reactor testing continues in nations like Norway and India, and major investors like Bill Gates (whose company Terra Power has also begun testing thorium reactors) get involved, attention to the metal will only grow. Research on these reactors will lead to implementation, and that will lead to profits for the well-positioned investors who belong to none other than USA and India. Thorium is the nuclear fuel of the future. Water indeed is an important element in this energy-driven politics. The only way to pressurize Pakistan for possible disintegration is to deprive this country of water resources. India is in a position to isolate Pakistan in this area. Indeed, Punjab will give up Pakistan's existence in its present form for the sake of their own survival and identity. Punjabistan will have no other choice to accept the supremacy of India in the region. Both Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif are fully committed to recognize India as a super power and therefore want to shake hands with India not just because they are interested in any so-called peace deal but for an obvious reason that without India, Pakistani Punjab cannot survive at all. The lifeline of Pakistani Punjab is linked with India and not with Balochistan or Sindh or Afghanistan. Henceforth, more “friendship” by these Pakistani Punjabi military and political establishment with China and Turkey is simply to safeguard their own identity and economic prosperity in the years to come when Pakistan will be disintegrated. It is therefore of utmost importance on the part of Altaf Hussain of MQM (the only representative political identity of Urdu Speaking Nation in Pakistan) to declare formation of JINNAHPUR LIBERATION MOVEMENT (as also suggested by me in my book “FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR” and avoid wastage of more time. It is better if Altaf Hussain reaches to a concrete decision before his demise otherwise muhajir nation will not be able to find the right direction and some miscreants from ISI may attempt to split the current unity of Urdu Speaking Nation. Altaf Hussain must record a special VIDEO MESSAGE to Urdu Speaking Nation which can be aired ONLY on the demise of Altaf Hussain. In the suggested video message, Altaf Hussain must call for an independent country for urdu speaking nation and order his followers to begin LIBERATION MOVEMENT immediately. His demise must not disrupt the political power and strength of Muhajir nation. SYED JAMALUDDIN GERMANY TEL +49 17632440017 /

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The Wahabis of SAUDI KINGDOM have now their puppet as new prime minister of Pakistan. In my book "DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM", I had mentioned about the involvement of Saudi Kingdom in financing global terrorism and using Pakistan's soil for this purpose. The Wahabi children of Abu Sufyan and Mawiya who represent the Saudi Kingdom in 21st century would now move forward to fulfil their ambitions of eliminating Iran and Syria under the auspices of Wahabi cum Punjabi army of Pakistan. General Zia had already made a policy of not allowing Shias to reach to higher ranks within Pakistan's army. That policy is still in force. Now, Saudi Kingdom needs their puppet Wahabi Nawaz Sharif to follow their instructions and use the Punjabi Wahabi army against Iran and Syria. Perhaps, this is the beginning of downfall of Pakistan which was delayed due to PPP's government. In my opinion, the disintegration of Pakistan is possible through communal riots and rising of masses against the Wahabi doctrine. Shias and true Sunnis who love Ale-Rasool AS can join hands in combatting these Saudis. It is a fact that Pakistan's existence is unnatural and as such Pakistan needs to be divided immediately to avoid any big disaster. The Wahabi elements have already united against the lovers of Ale-RasoolAS. It is expected that the Syrian war will now be fought on Pakistan's soil. It is my expectation that around 100,000 more people will die during 2014 in Pakistan. Punjabi army is determined to crush the Shias living in Pakistan because Punjabi army has chosen to become dogs of Saudi Kingdom instead of acting as protectors of citizens of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif is a symbol of WAHABI-ISM in Pakistan and a planted CALIPH of SAUDI KINGDOM. Nawaz Sharif considers himself not less than a king and he has demonstrated this feeling on many occasions. The undiminishing pride and ever escalating sense of superiority on the part of Nawaz Sharif clearly show that Nawaz Sharif will go for a foul play on large scale and Pakistan will ultimately disintegrate due to this GREAT MISTAKE. On the other side of Pakistan politics, though Altaf Hussain is being blackmailed because of his involvement in the murder of Dr. Imran Farooq by Pakistan's intelligence agencies in exchange of his cooperation with Nawaz government and "solidarity" with Punjabi army, it is my pray that Altaf Hussain must die his natural death as soon as possible. Altaf Hussain has become a great hurdle in the way of freedom of Urdu speaking nation. Making of an independent state (REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR) has been delayed due to Altaf Hussain being alive. The whole MQM has been hijacked by Altaf Hussain and therefore nobody in the MQM is ready to talk about independence. Those who had talked about independence are no longer with MQM at the moment. Some of them are still monitoring the current situation and a revolt is on the cards depending on how soon Altaf Hussain must leave this world with his British passport to be placed on his chest inside his coffin. Time has now come for Mohajir youth not to relax but be ready for encounter with Punjabi army. The mohajir youth should not look at Altaf Hussain but decide on their own. Wahabis are now knocking our doors to eliminate lovers of Ale-Rasool AS and repeat the history of Karbala. The Saudi Kingdom is the real sponsor of international terrorism and now they are active in USING NAWAZ SHARIF to complete their pending work. Saudi Kingdom wants to destroy Iran and want to use Punjabi army for this purpose. Indeed Punjabi army has no problem too as they also consider lovers of Ale-Rasool AS as their biggest enemies. So, who will confront the Punjabi army? It is only the Urdu speaking nation who can confront Punjabi army by making an independent country called JINNAHPUR and pave way for further disintegration of Pakistan. Altaf Hussain is no longer sincere with Mohajir nation and wants to save his own skin i.e to avoid implication in the murder of Dr. Imran Farooq. Altaf Hussain is now politically IMPOTENT and USELESS for any bold political decisions. Mohajir nation must rise to achieve their own freedom. Punjabi army which is the army of Saudi Kingdom in reality is ready to follow the footsteps of YAZEED and under the auspices of Nawaz government, Punjabi army will do its best to ensure that Urdu speaking nation remains as an isolated nation without any political right to decide its own freedom.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thursday, October 03, 2013


Despite the fact that I had clearly cautioned Mohajir nation and MQM against the potential OPERATION CLEANUP-CUM-MINI GENOCIDE to be conducted by NAWAZ SHARIF (on whatever grounds), nothing concrete was done by MQM. The time is running out and Mohajir nation should now be prepared for more to come. How long Altaf Hussain should display caution and reluctance in announcing movement for an independent state for Urdu Speaking Nation??? Is Altaf Hussain waiting for another mini-genocide of Mohajir youth as was evidenced in 1992??? What Altaf Hussain is waiting for??? A lot has been written by me during the last 13 years and my book FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR also projected the real problem but are these demands of an independent state for Urdu Speaking Nation falling in deaf ears??? Why MQM is taking time to come forward and declare its movement for independence for Urdu Speaking Nation??? In my opinion and according to my speculations, Pakistan has now entered into the last phase of its existence. This country must now be disintegrated as faster as possible for many reasons as outlined by me in my two books viz DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM and FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR. I request and appeal to Altaf Hussain to declare MOVEMENT FOR INDEPENDENCE as immediately as possible.
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Saturday, May 25, 2013


Syed Jamaluddin, writer of "DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM" and "FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR" has expressed great concern that Mohajir nation is going to be more isolated, persecuted and cornered in the most bitter possible manner in the next few months so much so that Mohajir nation will have to decide if they really want to remain with Pakistan or not. This is the most serious situation caused by 2013´s most miserable and most controversial elections which were for the first time in the history of Pakistan duly engineered and tampered under the auspices of Punjab´s Supreme Court headed by Iftikhar Chaudhry who played his role to ensure that the Punjabis get the outright power. The Election Commission was simply a dummy front-man institution controlled by Iftikhar Chaudhry from behind the curtain. This time, Punjab´s military decided to bring a civil martial law in the disguise of a Punjabi group of politicians (PML (N) and PTI of Imran Khan). The Punjabi faces will now be seen in the political scenario of Pakistan. Imran Khan was so excited and over-whelmed by this sudden change of political climate that he (Imran Khan) did not even wait for any evidence to prove his accusation against Altaf Hussain of murdering Zahra Hussain who is claimed to be a member of PTI. Imran Khan did not waste a single minute in accusing MQM and Altaf Hussain of Zahra Hussain´s murder. This act of Imran Khan clearly reflects what is in the pipeline against the MOHAJIR NATION in the next few months. PML (N) is little cautious though they also share the same hatred against Mohajir nation and Altaf Hussain. Pakistan is now on the course of its disintegration in the next few months if Mohajir nation is targeted or politically persecuted through immoral and racial attitude displayed by the Punjabi political elite. Today, masses are being misguided through puppet GHQ-made politicians like Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan. Today people of Pakistan do not recognize this Imran Khan who had defected against Pakistan when he (Imran Khan) had left Pakistan´s test cricket team and had joined Kerry Packer to earn dollars instead of Pak Rupees. This Imran Khan had preferred dollars and refused to play for Pakistan against nominal fee in Pak Rupees. If Imran Khan was a presidential cotestant in the American elections, this very act of Imran Khan would have thrown him out of the presidential race on the very first day. However, in Pakistan, nobody bothers. Memory of Pakistani people is very limited. Syed Jamaluddin has said that he feels the pain of Pakistan´s disintegration back in 1971 more today than ever before because had East Pakistan been part of Pakistan today, Urdu speaking nation (Mohajirs) would have had political support of Bengali brothers and Mohajirs living in province of Sindh would have had somebody to support their political voice. After disintegration of Pakistan back in 1971 which caused East Pakistan to become Bangladesh, Mohajir nation living in Pakistan felt the real damage and suffered heavily firstly as a consequence of brutal racist policies of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and subsequently by Punjab´s cruel political hatred against the Mohajir nation. Syed Jamaluddin said that "TODAY I REALLY FEEL LIKE AN ORPHAN AND REALLY FEEL THE PAIN OF DISINTEGRATION OF PAKISTAN BACK IN 1971 WHEN EAST PAKISTAN BECAME BANGLADESH". The reason is very obvious that Mohajir nation living in West Pakistan lost the moral and political support of Bengali brothers as a consquence of hijacking of West Pakistan by Punjabi military and political leadership / establishment. Mohajir nation had to become victim of mini-genocide of Mohajir youth during 1992 OPERATION CLEAN-UP which was designed and planned to crush the SINGLE VOICE OF MOHAJIR NATION i.e. MOHAJIR QAUMI MOVEMENT (MQM). Till today, Mohajir nation is HOSTAGE. Syed Jamaluddin has warned MQM of the conspiracies being hatched in Islamabad, GHQ and Raiwind against Mohajir nation in order to CUT-TO-SIZE the political strength of MQM in the urban centres of Sindh province. There is an ample need for an immediate counter action through formation of JINNAHPUR LIBERATION MOVEMENT as suggested in the book "FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR" as a parallel movement. It will be very stupid idea to even think of remaining part of Pakistan after what has been witnessed in NA-250 constituency. This should be an EYE-OPENER on the part of MQM to revisit the decision of remaining part of Pakistan. Syed Jamaluddin has asked MQM to raise slogans of independence and only think of independence rather than focusing on any potential political alliance with Pakistan People´s Part (PPP).

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It has been proved that today Mohajir nation is alone and in confrontation with rest of Pakistan. The Punjabis have forgotten their own internal differences as Nawaz Sharif visited Imran Khan and shook hands with him to convey a message that ALL PUNJABIS ARE ONE AGAINST MOHAJIR NATION AND MQM. Similarly, Ch. Shujaat Hussain also visited Imran Khan (Chief of PAKISTAN JUSTICE PARTY) reflecting the same feeling. The Punjabi Army Chief Ashfaq Kiyani has also visited the residence of Nawaz Sharif at latter´s RAIWIND palace thereby giving an OPEN MESSAGE to all that PUNJABIS ARE ONE. Punjab is now busy in building a grand political alliance against Mohajir nation in order to ensure that Urdu speaking nation (commonly known as MOHAJIR) are sidelined and eliminated ONCE AND FOR ALL in terms of their political identity and "CONTROLLED THROUGH AN ENGINEERED POLITICAL SETUP BEING NOURISHED IN THE PUNJAB´s LABORATORY OF CONSPIRACIES BASED AT RAIWIND PALACE". This attempt on the part of Punjabi political as well as military establishment is very much evident and visible from what is happening in Karachi these days. Although I had cautioned Altaf Hussain not to waste time in socalled POLITICS AT NATIONAL LEVEL or making MQM a party of mainstream Pakistani politics but to rather concentrate on Karachi, Hyderabad and other urban centres in Sindh province. The concept behind this suggestion was based on my reliable belief that nobody would ever recognize MQM as a political party but a representative body of MOHAJIR NATION in the other parts of Pakistan and so it happened exactly what I had foreseen. To my utmost disappointment, Altaf Hussain and his team ignored my suggestions by going ahead with Pakistan People's Party in political alliance and tried to make MQM a political hostage at national level. This was a great blunder on the part of Altaf Hussain and his advisor Dr. Ishrat ul Ibad. PPP had been stabbling the back of MQM on many occasions through their different politicians such as Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza and Faisal Raza Abidi. Even, while I am writing these lines, Mr. Zardari has given specific instructions to Faisal Raza Abidi to prepare a comprehensive media presentation against MQM which he is going to make soonest on all Pakistani TV channels in order to what they call "EXPOSING THE REALITY OF MQM". PPP now wants to corner the MOHAJIR NATION through a media campaign in the name of freedom of speech through various TV TALK SHOWS with the sole objective to discredit and tarnish image of Altaf Hussain and MQM. The aim for this campaign is very much clear and glaring i.e. ZARDARI WANTS TO REMAIN IN GOOD BOOKS OF NAWAZ SHARIF TO AVOID ANY PROBLEM WITH HIM at the cost of defaming, accusing, targeting, ridiculing, tarnishing and condemning MQM and its leadership through none other than the same old characters like Faisal Raza Abidi and Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza. The statements of Faisal Raza Abidi and Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza will be contemplated as their "PERSONAL OPINION" while Pakistan´s national TV channel called PTV-PAKISTAN TELEVISION will obviously telecast all non-sense against MQM and Altaf Hussain in line with a well-prepared MEDIA CAMPAIGN with the approval of Asif Ali Zardari. PAKISTAN JUSTICE PARTY under the leadership of Imran Khan has already launched a media campaign against Altaf Hussain and MQM by accusing them of murder of Zahra Hussain (a member of PTI in Karachi). In this regards, Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan are on the same page to eliminate Altaf Hussain´s political strength in Karachi. The British government is being approached in a totally different manner this time around on the basis of Nawaz Sharif´s £500 Million investment in UK. Indeed UK government would indeed extend all favours to Nawaz Sharif as UK would not want any problem with Nawaz Sharif either. Pakistan Army has already given GREEN SIGNAL to Nawaz Sharif that MQM would be dealt with more aggressively and yet another 1992-type OPERATION CLEANUP must be on the cards. Sindhi nationalist political parties have already begun their movement to get rid of MQM and Altaf Hussain under the auspices of PML (Functional) and others including Palejo group. The Local Bodies related laws will be challenged in Punjabi Supreme Court and the Chief Justice Mr. Chaudhry who is ALWAYS AT SERVICE OF NAWAZ SHARIF will be delighted to issue orders against MQM thereby paving way to discredit MQM and all legislations passed during PPP-MQM political alliance during last one year in the province of Sindh. PPP will remain quiet as usual. The new government in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa has also started making arrangements to prepare false criminal cases against MQM on charges of weapons smuggling to be based on false statements potentially obtained from "ALREADY HELD PASHTOON ACTIVISTS" belonging to Taliban. These Pashttoons will testify in front of media against MQM and tell the nation that MQM was responsible for purchasing weapons of mass destruction and missiles from certain Taliban groups in order to create havoc in Karachi. Henceforth, Awami National Party of Asfandyar Wali Khan has been asked to SHUT THEIR MOUTH in exchange of "NOT INITIATING ANY INVESTIGATION AGAINST ANP GOVERNMENT IN DIFFERENT CORRUPTION SCANDALS" during their previous tenure. Indeed, ANP has its own wounds and grievances against MQM for very obvious reasons known to everybody. MQM and ANP have been confronting eachother in Karachi for many years which has been termed as "POWER STRUGGLE" to control Karachi. So far, MQM has been victorious but apparently this victory is being snatched through a massive evil plan which can be termed as "MOHAJIR NATION VS REST OF PAKISTAN". All anti-Mohajir forces (political and military) have now come together and joined hands with a SINGLE AGENDA i.e. to eliminate MQM and Mohajir Nation from any potential progress or expansion and to isolate them. The recent NA-250 Karachi constituency election is a SHEER REFLECTION of the manipulation by Punjabi-dominant ELECTION COMMISSION of Punjabistan which played its due role in exposing the very intention that there is indeed a massive strategy to confront MQM on all fronts with certain ulterior motive i.e. to eliminate MQM on one hand and minimize the true representation of MOHAJIR NATION in Sindh province. The puppets like ARIF ALVI who are more like SARAH PALIN`s TEA PARTY CAMPAIGNERS, have been given a huge task to ensure that MQM voters in the said constituency are misguided and MQM´s vote bank is crushed into pieces. This has worked well and enemies of MOHAJIR NATION and MQM are now celebrating their victory in Karachi. I request and appeal to Altaf Hussain to return to the main objective i.e. CREATION OF AN INDEPENDENT STATE for Mohajir nation called REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR before its too late. All people in Karachi and Hyderabad must read my book "FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR" and understand my message. I have proposed in the said book that JINNAHPUR LIBERATION MOVEMENT must be launched. Hence, time has come for this movement to be launched without fail. We cannot afford any further delays. MOHAJIR NATION is now looking at Altaf Hussain with a great hope. Dont allow time to be slipped off our hands. We must go for independence and make REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR.